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A person with blue gloves on and one foot in the air.

To qualify for CFCN® or CFCS® Certification®


Continuing Education Requirement: Completion of at least 110 Hours in a programs directly related to Foot Care. Completed within the 1 year period prior to application.

Hands-on Foot Care Training: Completion of a minimum of 20 hours of direct Hands-on patient foot care.

For Nurses
Passing the Certified Foot Care Nurse - CFCN® online competency exam for advanced nursing foot care

For Foot care Specialist
Passing the CFCS® online competency exam for foot care specialist

This can be verified by any of the method below

A. Chiropodist or Podiatrist Proctor - Any licensed Chiropodist or Podiatrist can train and proctor in these skills.
B. Certified Foot Care Nurse Proctor

Current Healthcare licensure with your regulatory body verification,
Proof of malpractice insurance