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Benefits of Our Certification

  • Certification in Foot Care Nursing and Foot care Specialist indicates to your patients, peers, and employers that you are trained, educated, qualified, and competent in providing quality Foot Care treatment.
  • Becoming certified helps ensure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality, current and comprehensive care.
  • Continued Renewal of your certification helps ensure continued learning, so you are always current on the industry standards, best practices, and required guidelines.
  • Participating in a trademarked certification allows you to add the certification to your credentials of CFCN® and CFCS®, which validates your knowledge and training in your specialized area of nursing.
  • Certification can provide greater job opportunities by allowing employers to see your listed certifications as a preferred qualification for positions.
  • Certification can help advance your career and responsibilities within your field.
  • Certification also can open doors for potential salary differentials, as well as possible reimbursements for certification exam costs.
  • Certification and help boost your respect among your peers and field.
  • Certification can also help you receive more formal recognition within your workplace.